Work Activities

The school encourages the students and provides opportunities for them to participate in a wide range of Co-curricular activities and Sports.

The School offers the following activities that are conducted during school hours every week. Various activities as per the list given below are conducted in the school. Participation in these activities is compulsory for every student. Students exceptionally good at a particular activity are selected by the school and given expert training.


Classes VI onwards
1. Book Club
2. No-fire Cookery
3. Chess Club
4. Music Club
5. Dance Club
6. Art and Craft Club
7. English Literary Club (Debate / Extempore / Elocution / Creative Writing etc.)
8. Dramatics Club
9. Quiz Club
10. Social Service/Interact Club
11. Eco Club
12. MUN Club
Houses / Rules / Points
Students will be grouped according to the following houses from Class I onwards.
i) Ganga
ii) Chenab
iii) Kaveri
iv) Teesta
Houses will be on duty in rotation. Points will be awarded or deducted from the house according to the point system for behaviour, participation etc.
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