Activity Schedule

4.04.22 MONDAY NUR-1  Orientataion of New Parents
11.04.222 MONDAY NUR- LKG Hands on colouring activity
18.04.22 MONDAY NUR- UKG Nimbu Pani Day 
22.04.22 FRIDAY NUR-1  One Earth One Chance
25.04.22 MONDAY UKG-1 Healthy life-Active life Activity Week
02.05.22 MONDAY NUR-1  Virtual tour of a departmental store
06.05.22 FRIDAY NUR- UKG Mother’s day
10.05.22 TUESDAY NUR-1  Pulse Painting
11.05.22 WEDNESDAY NUR-1  Little Chefs at work.
13.05.22 FRIDAY NUR-1  Summer Carry home activity
17.06.22 FRIDAY NUR-UKG  Father’s Day
21.06.22 TUESDAY NUR-1  Yoga Day
24.06.22 FRIDAY NUR- 1 Food Festival
30.06.22 THURSDAY NUR-1  Connecting art with enviornment
1.07.2022 FRIDAY NUR-LKG  Doctor’s Day
1.07.2022 FRIDAY UKG-1 Make your story puppet
4.07.22-08.07.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  Rath Yatra Activity Week 
11.07.22-15.07.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  Flora and Fauna Week (Vanmahotsav)
18.07.22-22.07.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  Cascading Droplets-“The Monsoon week”
25.07.22-29.07.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  Etiquette Week 
01.08.22-05.08.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  Rakhi Making Activity
11.08.22 THURSDAY NUR-1  Raksha Bandhan Special Assembly
08.08.22-12.08.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  Janmasthami Activity Week
15.08.22-19.08.22 MON-FRI NUR- LKG Patriotic Palette Week 
18.08.22 THURSDAY NUR-1  Janmasthami Special Assembly
22.08.22-26.08.22 MON-FRI UKG-1 I know my senses week
01.09.22-02.09.22 THU-FRI NUR-1  Teacher’s Day (Card Making Activity)
05.08.22-09.08.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  Rhymes Activity Week 
12.09.22 MONDAY NUR-UKG  Grand Parents Day 
12.09.22-16.09.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  Show-tell activity Week (Community Helpers)
19.09.22-23.09.22 MON-FRI NUR-UKG  Fancy Dress Activity Week
26.09.22-30.09.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  Puja Craft Activity Week
10.10.22-14.10.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  The true Gandhian Week 
14.10.22 FRIDAY UKG-1 Colour your favourite story character
17.10.22-21.10.22 MON-FRI NUR- 1 Spreading the light with fun and delight( Diwali Activity)
22.10.22 SATURDAY NUR-1  Diwali Special Assembly 
01.11.22-04.11-22 TUE- FRI NUR-1  EL-Canto- TheEarth song week.
07.11.22 MONDAY NUR-1  Gurupurab Activity 
07.11.22-11.11.22 MON-FRI UKG-1 One Nation Reading Together week 
15.11.22-18.11.22 TUE- FRI NUR-1  Healthy Food week 
21.11.22-25.11.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  Safety on Wheels Week
30.11.22 WEDNESDAY NUR-LKG Number Puzzles and Number Games
30.11.22 WEDNESDAY UKG-1 Number Quiz
5.12.22-9.12.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  Together we can week 
12.12.22-16.12.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  Christmas is fun Activity
19.12.22-22.12.22 MON-FRI NUR-1  My colourful world of shapes
23.12.22 FRIDAY NUR-1  Christmas Carnival
06.01.23 FRIDAY UKG-1 Spellathon
9.01.23-13.01.23 MON-FRI NUR-UKG  Fairy tale wonder Week
16.01.23-20.01.23 MON-FRI NUR-1  Paper Bag Activity Week
23.01.23-27.01.23 MON-FRI NUR-1  The India Heritage Week 
30.01.23-31.01.23 MON-TUE NUR-1  Book Mark Making Activity
1.02.23-3.02.23 WED-FRI UKG-1 Saraswati Puja Activity
06.02.23-10.02.23 MON-FRI NUR- LKG Dress up as dolls and groove
06.02.23-10.02.23 MON-FRI UKG-1 Folk Dance Activity
13.02.23-17.02.23 MON-FRI NUR-1  Best out of waste Activity
20.02.23-24.02.23 WED-FRI NUR-1  We love our soft board activity
27.02.23-28.02.23 MON-TUE NUR-1  Vegetable Printing
01.03.23 MON-WED NUR-UKG  See What Colours Can Do
06.03.23 MONDAY NUR- 1 Handwriting Activity
06.03.23-10.03.23 MON-FRI NUR-1  Puppet Making Activity
13.03.23-17.03.23 MON-FRI NUR-1  Creativity Week (Exhibition)
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