Janmashtami Celebration 2023

The pre- primary section of Delhi Public School Durgapur celebrated the sacred occasion of Janmashtami with an array of delightful activities. This joyous celebration saw mothers of Nursery students playing the role of Yashoda ‘Maiyyaa,’ and  joyfully matching their steps with adorable ‘Kanhaiyyas.’ Meanwhile,  decorating the ceremonial bhog thaali,  for beloved Lord Krishna was done by the LKG kids.

The UKG students exhibited their artistic flair by adorning exquisite idols of Lord Krishna, affectionately referred to as ‘Gopal.’ Their dedication in crafting the divine representations was truly heartwarming. The entire event was an amalgamation of vibrant culture, immense creativity, and deep devotion, thus letting these tiny tots a memorable introduction to the rich heritage and spirituality of Janmashtami. The festive occasion not only nurtured their creativity but also instilled in them the values of love and reverence for Lord Krishna.

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