From The Principal’s Desk

The Principal

Dear Parents and Well Wishers,

I send a very warm greeting to all of my students, parents, and well-wishers as we approach the start of a new academic session, especially to those who have joined us this time around. Every new academic year represents a new height, a dream accomplished, and the setting of new goals for the future. Everyone of this organisation is committed to using sincerity and tenacity to make dreams and aspirations come true.

Today, a school’s aim is to inspire and equip its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and contributing citizens of a rapidly evolving global society in addition to pursuing academic achievement. In the steel city of Durgapur, Delhi Public School made a commitment more than ten years ago to revolutionise education. The school, which is operated by the reputable Management, Delhi Public School, Durgapur, has carved out a distinct niche not only in Durgapur, but also throughout the state. Children are encouraged to use their potential in the pursuit of greatness. At DPS Durgapur, we offer a setting for their holistic development. Only a comprehensive, student-centered atmosphere can make this feasible and this is what the school is aiming for.  The management ensures that the promises made are well taken care and each child gets the best of education.

At DPS, we focus on the needs of the individual child, support activity-based learning, and foster a scientific mindset and a spirit of open inquiry. The student is the main emphasis of our curriculum, and every child participates in the learning process. We are always working to improve our teaching strategies so that students learn through a combination of in-class instructions, outside research, and scientific discovery. Through our curriculum and extracurricular activities, we aim to inculcate of critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills, as well as a love of learning that will serve our students well throughout their lives.

While academic success is our primary goal, the school is also committed to preparing students for life, preparing them to meet tomorrow’s challenges, and promoting social relevance. In order to ensure that the children develop to their maximum potential, while being constantly prepared to graduate as men and women, capable of bearing responsibility in all spheres of life, we continuously strive to live up to this idea and instil it, into everything we do.

The strongest influence on shaping a child’s future is their parents. Their ongoing assistance encourages us to continue with the pursuit of excellence . They have my gratitude for believing in us.

I have enough faith in the Dipsites, and I know that they will grow stronger every day and add to the splendour of the institution.

I hope this almanac will be valuable tool for all of us as we work together to achieve our goals and create a vibrant and inclusive learning community.

Warm Regards,
Umesh Ch. Jaiswal

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