Father’s Day Celebration

The young members of Delhi Public School, Durgapur had the opportunity to honour and respect the person who by his presence , bring a different dimension to life- the father. Father’s Day is a special occasion to appreciate and honour fathers and father figures. Celebrating Father’s Day in the school was a delightful event for the students and their fathers. Tiny tots expressed their emotions through dance performances and created a lively atmosphere.  They put in a lot of effort and practice to showcase their talents. Alongside the dance performance, there were special rhymes and other fun filled activities like musical chairs and paper dance. Nursery children showcased their artistic skills and wrote their heartfelt messages on the cards and presented them to their fathers. Kids and their fathers enjoyed taking photographs at the photo booth, especially created for capturing precious memories. The entire  celebration which ended with the pleasant note of joy was rejuvenating and moved many daddy dears to tears.

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