Our Approach

  • We lay stress on activity based integrated learning.
  • Multisensory thematic, play way approach, to broaden the outlook of the child, enabling to become a keen observer and ‘out of the box thinker’.
  • Our enriched curriculum is designed to capitalize on each child’s latent talents and give opportunity to explore and learn.
  • Emphasis is also laid on developing language, visual and listening skills.
  • Every child’s preferred learning style – Audio, Visual and Kinaesthetic are kept in mind while designing activities to cater to individual differences and provide optimal learning for all.
  • Integrated, Interdisciplinary and ICT based teaching methodology is followed to give the best of education.
  • Montessori Method is followed, which helps in developing practical life skills, senatorial, mathematical, linguistic skills, cultural knowledge and understanding of the students.
  • Nurturing a child’s inquisitiveness and imagination so that they become effective learners.
  • Boosting concentration in children. Encouraging them to be good listeners so that they can follow directions and do tasks on their own and participate actively in group activities.
  • Appreciating every big and small achievement and enable children to perceive their talents and capabilities in a positive yet realistic way.
  • Providing a fun environment that instills in them eagerness to learn. This inspires children to become lifelong learners.
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