Our Promise and Values

Our Promise

Delhi Public School, Durgapur envisages a promising build-up for the students. We ascertain the progress of the students through different means of academic and non-academic approaches. Grounded on Best Global Practices, strong local roots, and principles of ‘Individual Focus’ and ‘Compete with Self’, we strive to develop a child’s individual talent, creativity and communication skills which are essential for success in future world.


The entire system adjoins as a functionary to uplift the holistic development of students. The honing of leadership skill is exercised through the practice of selection of students to represent their quality of action in the ‘student’s council’ every year. The flagship of honour rests at the hands of the students who raise the banner high every year and every time. Each student through its curriculum as well as meaningful activities, clubs and sports teams is turned into an individual ready to face the new world.

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