Get Technologically Smart with AI, ChatGPT, DALLE E2 and more

Addressed by Dr. Prof. Sajal Saha, HOD, Computer science and Engineering & Chandrajit Mitra, Senior Vice President, Adamas University, today’s career counselling workshop  “Get Technologically Smart with AI, ChatGPT, DALLE E2 and more”, saw buzzing excitement and response from our senior secondary students as the dignitaries discoursed on the avenues these new-found technologies can open up for them. They emphasized on how modern life is shaped AI and how the future is going be influenced by it, thus creating an array of job opportunities for the children.  Mr. Saha also spoke at length about the way ChatGPT and DALLE E2 can be used by students to enhance their productivity in different domains. He even  showed some practical examples using the above which left the students in awe and wonder. The students gave vent to their queries in fascinating numbers which Mr. Saha attended to with utmost diligence. They shared their feedback on the same in a format shared by resource team. In all, the session was successful and we hope our students would reap benefits from it for their future use.

  • Annual Fete 2022-23
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