Feel the freedom, Strive for peace!

On this 75th year of India’s independence, the students of DPS Durgapur offered tribute to our Motherland. The event that was aired on the virtual media started with the flag hoisting ceremony and continued with the welcome song.The speech of Principal Sh. Umesh Ch. Jaiswal kindled the patriotic spirit in every heart. He said that a huge responsibility lies on each Indian’s shoulder to protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of the nation. The performance of the Bulbuls acknowledged the unsung covid heroes for their selfless service. The heartfelt rendition of Kazi Nazrul Islam’s poem followed by a unique enactment on gender discrimination made everyone introspective. In the concluding dance performance, the students celebrated the legacy of our National Flag.

The event that ended with a pledge to serve this great nation filled everyone’s heart with determination to be honest and loyal to the country.

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