Liberal Education

Career counselling seminar “Liberal Education” on 20 April, 2024 conducted by Mr. Alif Hussain, Miss Lalchhanhimi Purkayastha and Mr. Leonard, representatives of Flame, Ashoka and Crea University respectively, was enlightening experience for our students, fostering discussions on the significance and relevance of liberal arts in contemporary education. The session was interactive and facilitated active participation, allowing attendees to exchange ideas, share experiences, and pose questions to the speakers. The seminar effectively demonstrated the relevance of liberal education in addressing contemporary challenges, such as fostering creativity, critical thinking, and adaptability in a rapidly evolving world. Our students appreciated the diverse range of perspectives presented during the seminar, which enriched their understanding of liberal education and its applications across disciplines. Overall, the session received positive feedback, with participants commending its informative content, interactive format, and relevance in today’s educational landscape.

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