Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

The Society desires to facilitate the emergence of the country as an economic super power and as such, wishes to add to the pool of engineering and architectural manpower of the country by setting up a Integrated campus of state-of-the-art Engineering and Architecture School to provide quality education to the aspiring students who, with support and guidance from highly qualified and experienced professors of the proposed institute, will be groomed to become competent engineer and/or architect. Such engineers and architects coming out of OSE & OSA, will, in their respective field of excellence, serve the industry, and make significant and meaningful contributions to industrial and architectural growth of the nation and will lead the nation to a path of growth and prosperity.

The Society believes in the intellectual capability of Indian students and feels that they must not be denied opportunities to transform themselves into agents for heralding improvement in the quality of life in the country.

Our Values

To establish a high quality AICTE approved Engineering and Architecture Institute, which will produce a pool of next generation engineers and architects capable of global practices.

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