Higher Education in the UK

Career counselling seminar “Higher Education in the UK” Conducted on 14 March, 2024 by Ms Rukmini Majumder from SI-UK,  commenced with an overview of the UK's higher education system, including universities, colleges, and specialized institutions. Detailed information was provided about various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs available in the UK, along with popular specializations and their relevance to current industry trends. Our students were guided through the application process, including requirements, deadlines, and essential documents needed for successful admission to UK universities. The session, especially, put emphasis on available scholarships, grants, and financial aid options to support students in pursuing their academic endeavours in the UK. The conclave was interactive and fostered active engagement among the students. Overall, the seminar was well-received by attendees, who found it informative, engaging, and valuable in guiding their academic and career aspirations.

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