Futuristic Inter-disciplinary Career in Engineering and Technology

Career counseling seminar “Futuristic Interdisciplinary Career in Engineering and Technology” conducted on12 March, 2024 by Mr. Vishal Pratap Singh, Assistant Manager-Outreach of Plaksha University, was an insightful and engaging event, aiming at providing attendees with valuable information and guidance for navigating the evolving landscape of engineering and technology professions. The presentation highlighted futuristic trends such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, sustainable engineering, and space exploration, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary approaches in addressing complex global challenges. The key point that was highlighted was how the concerned university provides test courses for three semesters and helps students choose their subjects, one as major and the other minor, thus opening numerous job opportunities for them. Our students gained a comprehensive understanding of potential career pathways in interdisciplinary fields, including research, development, entrepreneurship, and consultancy roles. They actively participated in the discussion and the Q&A session. Overall, the seminar received positive feedback from the attendees, effectively fulfilling its objectives of informing, inspiring, and empowering students to pursue rewarding careers in the ever-evolving landscape of engineering and technology.

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