Demystifying TOEFL Exam

Career counselling seminar “Demystifying TOEFL Exam” Conducted on 28 February, 2024 by Mr. Manish Goyal from ETS India,  covered a comprehensive range of topics relevant to the TOEFL examination. The session addressed detailed explanations, examples, and practice exercises of the same. The instructional content was aligned with the latest TOEFL exam format to familiarize students with the test structure. The instructor effectively communicated complex concepts, provided clear instructions, and addressed students’ queries with patience and clarity. Students showed high levels of engagement throughout the session. They actively participated in discussions and demonstrated eagerness to learn how to improve their English proficiency. The interactive nature of the session kept students focused and motivated. The comprehensive instructional content, engaging teaching methodologies, and supportive classroom environment contributed to a valuable learning experience for all participants.

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