CUET Exam Pattern and Preparation

Career counselling seminar “CUET Exam Pattern and Preparation” on 22 March 2024 conducted by Mr. Amitava Ghosh, Regional Manager-East of RV University,  aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Common University Entrance Test (CUET), shedding light on its significance, structure, pattern and preparation for higher education in Indian central, state and deemed universities. The resource person provided insights into the rationale behind introducing CUET, emphasizing its role in standardizing the admission process and ensuring fairness and transparency. He elucidated the structure of CUET, including the subjects covered, question formats, and scoring criteria. He also highlighted the significance of CUET in evaluating students’ aptitude and readiness for tertiary education. Our students were engaged in an interactive discussion and had their doubts and queries resolved as the resource person guided them through the process of applying and qualifying CUET. Overall, the seminar served as a platform for dialogue and collaboration, fostering a deeper understanding of CUET’s role in shaping the future of university admissions.

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