Career Fair 2023

Hosted by Student Outreach, “The Career and Education Fair” that was held on 8th August 2023, aimed to provide a platform for students and educational institutions to interact, explore opportunities, and enhance their career prospects. The event encompassed a variety of exhibitors from diverse institutes like Mahindra University, Bennet University, Flame University, Ashoka University, MIT, ilead and the like. Various designated areas allowed the students to engage in meaningful conversations with exhibitors and fellow attendees. A series of well-attended seminars were held throughout the day. These covered topics such as resume building, interview skills, personal branding, and industry trends. Exhibitors provided comprehensive information through brochures, pamphlets, and a variety of materials. Our students were able to leave the fair with a clear understanding of the various programs and educational options available to them. In all, the fair proved to be a successful and enriching event for both the students and the exhibitors.

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